The Other

Aaron Scott
Nov 15, 2020

I am The Other

I’m what you fear

I see how you clutch

Your purse when I’m near

I watch as you follow

Me round as I shop

If I’m in your hood

Then you call a cop

I am The Other

I’m what you hate

You want my demise

To make your land great

You set traps for me

Just hoping I’ll fall

So you can be rid of me

For once and for all

I am The Other

That you disrespect

But I’m not the one

To just stay in check

I’m moving forward

But you push me back

And expect my silence

After every attack

I am The Other

I am still here

In spite of your hatred

Despite all your fear

You don’t understand

My resilience and grace

How I am able

To smile right in your face

I am The Other

And what you don’t know

Is deep down inside

You don’t want me to go

If I’d up and vanish

Or I just dropped dead

You’d find a New Other

To hate in my stead

I am The Other

You need me to be

So you can spend time

So focused on me

For without An Other

Inside of your head

You’d have to contend

With yourself instead



Aaron Scott

Actor, Singer, Writer, Comedian, Thrower of Shade and Mazel Tov Cocktails, Snatcher of Souls, Teller of Ugly Truths, Drinker of Beer, and Talker of Shit