Aaron Scott
Nov 17, 2020


I never asked,

You never said,

I never knew,

The thoughts in your head,

The tears you cried,

They were your own,

The road you chose,

You walked it alone,

I never asked,

You never spoke,

Just brushed it off,

And made it a joke,

Nobody saw,

That you’d been caught,

Hadn’t a clue,

The demons you fought,

I never asked,

You never told,

You were so brave,

So proud and so bold,

I watched in awe,

You were so strong,

How could I know,

That I had judged wrong?

I never asked,

You never said,

I never knew,

Just how much you bled,

Quietly spiraling,

Out of control,

Falling into,

A dark night of the soul,

I never asked,

You never told,

Your inner pain,

Was too much to hold,

Your cool facade,

Started to break,

Under the weight,

Of too much to take,

I never asked,

I wish I had,

Then this regret,

Would not sting so bad,

I hope you’re free,

Hope you’ve found peace,

I hope that you,

Have found your release,

I never asked,

Now never will,

Left with a hole,

That I just can’t fill,

Miss you so much,

Too much to say,

I feel so lost,

Now you’ve gone away.

Aaron Scott

Actor, Singer, Writer, Comedian, Thrower of Shade and Mazel Tov Cocktails, Snatcher of Souls, Teller of Ugly Truths, Drinker of Beer, and Talker of Shit